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Spring...i love it.

SPRING IS IN THE AIR here in Portland. The flowers are coming up, trees are budding the sun is shining and people are coming out of their shells! Its great. After months of seasonal depressive disorder PORTLAND IS BACK IN ACTION. here are some recent samples and previews from FatalBeauty.com. Don't forget that in addition to the beautiful boys and girls on FB there are tons of articles, interviews, fiction and erotica to read, plus blogs, message boards and all kinds of other shit.



THE AMAZING BIKE MESSENGER ANANDA on a corvair....hahahahaha.


Clea on her radical 1940's cruiser. This one is for all you bike freaks out there....get out of the house and RIDE.

another biker at heart, check out Aden's set from under the I-84 interstate.

Not to be outdone....April 1st we will be welcoming Faythe to the site. I guess that is FatalBeauty's attempt at an April Fools Joke. All of you had best join before April 1st....don't want to piss off miss Faythe now do we?

That's it for now. GO OUTSIDE, plant a garden, have a bbq. LATER.

As always, if you're interested in being showcased as an artist, photographer, writer or musician, or if you want to model on FB, apply on the site or, drop me an email from our Contact Page



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